The Coolest Designs From Tempaper Designs, Your Go-To For Removable Wallpaper

Whether your tastes change faster than you can say “interior design” or you want something that will keep your security deposit safely intact, you should know that removable wallpaper isn’t just for kids anymore. These days, Tempaper Designs is here to bring you fresh and modern takes on this fast decor solution.

We broke down their selection into seven themes that are currently on-trend. Look them over to find your next adventure in wallpaper.

Florals aren’t exactly new to the wallpaper scene, but these aren’t the dainty daisies that once adorned the walls of your grandmother’s house. Today’s florals take on much more of a cool, tropical vibe in order to help you make your home into the oasis it was destined to become.

Metallics are in and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you want something twee like the bird watching print above or something more in-your-face like the two bold, geometric prints, Tempaper has got you covered. Plus, with options in silver, gold and copper, no matter your personal taste, you’ve got options.

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