10 Bedside Pendant Lights That Will Rock Your Bedroom

Bedside pendant lights are the ultimate bedroom multi-tasker. They provide light from above for reading and relaxing, but also remove the need for table lamps. We love the idea of creating more space on our nightstands — this is also the perfect opportunity to style your nightstand.

Installing a pendant or swag light over a nightstand is not a new idea. This was a popular style in the 1960s, especially with kitschy chains draped from the ceiling. Today’s bedside pendants are more refined and are available in all decorating styles.

Here’s Why Bedroom Pendants Are So Hot Right Now

  • Minimalism Rules – Our need for simplified spaces is still strong. Eliminating the need for a table lamp creates a clean look.
  • They Transcend Style – Bedside pendants are now available in every decorating style.
  • Renters Love Them – Pendants are available as plug-ins, too. If you’re able to attach a hook in the ceiling, you can add a swag light to your bedroom without any wiring.
  • They’re just beautiful – Installing a pendant light next to your bed is an instant design update that’s more than just adding a light to your bedside. It’s a strong style statement.

Once you’ve decided what type of bedside pendant light you’ll need in your bedroom and the size requirements, it’s time to have fun choosing a style. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your style comfort zone if you see a light you love. With the right accessories, any pendant or swag can work with your bedroom decor. Here are the bedside pendants we’re loving right now:

Clean lines and geometric shapes are on-trend right now. Airy light fixtures are wonderful when you want to keep things light. The latest geometric shapes are versatile and work with contemporary, rustic and mid-century modern bedroom decor.

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